What Are The Biggest Web Design Trends Of 2016?

Every year dozens of latest Website design trends are introduced, many trends are replaced and some becomes a history. However, answer to the above question is not easy to deliver but we will mention some top website design trends that will ease you to select the most appropriate one to have you as an answer about the biggest website trend of 2016.

Here are the trends that are improving the technology:


Artificial Intelligence:

In the past three years, the contextual info has not only surfaced but it has also made an outstanding progress. The artificial intelligence is going to be the latest topic in the web design trend as it will take action. It is the future of the web trend as it is going to be a big challenge because the developers want the AI to respond and feel like a human without noticing any difference between a human and a website. It is already implicated in the mobiles and it is going to be the future of the email websites as well.


This is the only web design trend that is supported by all types of browsers because of the cleaner and clear CSS instruction and fastest website. A few layouts hacks needs to aligned and fixed. The main theme and importance of Flexbox is the natural response of the window, the window screen changes automatically according to the requirements.


Prototype tools limitation makes the developer to test with the dynamic content. To address prototype, there are thousands of Adobe plug-ins. It has made the developers to enhance the skills of coding for both engineering background and the people who picked it. It needs to be natural for overwriting the pages along with the jQuery prototype.

Developers need to focus over interactions instead of content. The information will let the designers and developers to think differently and fundamentally about the web development. This procedure will help the developers to look at micro level, in the same way that we used to look at the static websites.

Web Design on the Mechanism of Metal Cogwheels.


Websites and the web applications interacts with “safe web” colors like to mute blue color is used, for notifications and alerts red color is used. In 2016 web design trends brand colors are used that means it is leading towards vibrant and saturated colors.

Design Decisions:

Web designs are at the table of business, the more appropriate and convincing designs the more users will be attracted. It means all the businesses are dependent on the websites and the websites are dependent on the web designs. The designers do have an access tools related to business intelligence and big companies are not going to afford a designer that is working from home.  Therefore, while taking design decisions companies need to remove the treat that data will be or data is accessible by a web designer.

Above are the biggest web designing trends of the year 2016, Now it is up to you to select the biggest web design trend.

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