Top Four WebDesign Trends

Website designing is a widely demanded service nowadays. There can be small projects of designing a few webpages for a small business up to mega projects of multinationals and NGOs.They have to create websites thinking of how they themselves use the internet, and how can they make the content more and more user friendly.
Nowadays, a major issue faced by designers is optimizing the website for mobile and/or tablet viewing. According to a research made in early 2016, mobile and/or tablet users have a visit frequency of roughly 6.2/month of retail and ecommerce websites, while the number of PC only users is a surprising 2.9/month. However, able designers still manage to come to the top, countering all the obstacles, and ensuring total and utter client satisfaction. Modern designers employ various techniques when designing content, in order to meet the client’s requirements. Here are the top four webdesigning trends of 2016;
Inserting Micro-interactions:
Ever liked a Facebook post? Ever re-tweeted a tweet?
We perform a ton tasks with single action every day, commonly without giving it much thought. Micro-interactions, which are well designed, are quite a defining point of any website, as regardless of their utter simplicity they are rather powerful.


As webdesigners create websites they use micro-interactions to improve the browsing experience of visitors and simplifying actions into short tasks.

Preferring images over text

Do you think pictures worth 1000 words? Well, designers are taking this phrase very seriously nowadays.
With progress of webdesigning trends, high quality images tend to get a high deal of attention from both visitors AND designers.
Furthermore, an animation or a short video would essentially perform the same task. It really depends on the visitors’ preference.

Putting product explainer videos

Eh, how many times have you seen the video for that fancy DSLR you just looked up on Amazon?
The usual answer, according to a survey, is 3 out of 5 people. That is right! Three out of 5 people watch product explainer videos, and thus designers put explainer videos quite often on websites.

Simply put, a product explainer video is usually a 90-second video showing the product’s various traits and features. This is the icebreaker between the consumer and the business, the factor, which further inclines the regular visitor to convert into a ‘lead’.


Using stylized fonts:

Sounds old school? Well, it is not.
How are various fonts used by designers to appeal to visitors? Surprisingly, the font has a huge impact on the visitor’s thinking. E.g. using various sized fonts produces a hierarchy, which then acts as a guide for visitors to find content on the website. While small sized fonts, tend to attract visitors’ eyes to check what it says.

Webdesigning has progressed significantly from where it was a few years ago, and has not yet stopped getting better. However, the visitor’s needs and wants are changing too. However, due to the vast amount of work designers put in, many businesses hold ownership of beautifully structured and attractive websites nowadays.

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