Need To Be Careful About Web DesignTrends

Every year new Web design trends are introduced. Like fashion trends web designs trends acts in the same manner, with the introduction of new or latest trends theprevious trends disappears. New trends introduction is the requirements because of necessities and sometime the new trends are because of industry shifts.

Keeping the above scenario in mind, have a look on the below Web design trends that will surely make you to think before making use of it:


  • Hamburger Menu:

Since the advancement in technology, the most common devices to use the internet are smart phones and tablets. Therefore, the web developers has simplified the designs and introduced hamburger menu. In this menu, all the navigations are hidden under it, this result in the introduction of desktop website. The hamburger menu keeps the website clean and with a single tap, you can open a menu instead of placing all the items on the website.

However, this menu will not for all types of websites like if you want to run an e-commerce or news website then you need to place every menu on the front end, instead of hiding it under a hamburger. In short, Hamburger menu trend is not suitable for e-commerce or news website.

  • Carousels on Front-page:

Carousels on Front-page are seen almost on every website because it shines the visual interest along with the reduction of clutter. The use of carousels reduces the content on the website and displays only the necessary items. However, the devastating use of Carousels Front-page makes the sites to cut cookies. Most of the developers are thinking now to end this trend because of its disadvantages.

Some of the main disadvantages are:

  • It effects the search engine optimization because of the less content. Since, page needs the Meta information and is possible because of high-quality content with maximum number of words.
  • Carousels uses high quality images and it makes the website to load slowly.
  • It pushes the content down and folds it and Google does not recommend it.

Carousels do have many more disadvantages, however, I will not recommend to use this web design trend because the only advantage it posses is that it reduce the content on the website at keeps it clean.


  • Parallax Scrolling:

In the past three years, the use of Parallax scrolling web design trend is seen on many websites. This web design trends makes the background and foreground content scrolling with different speed and it creates a misapprehension. The web design trend is used to create outstanding effects on the website, However, it do contains some disadvantages that you must need to know before using it.

  • The websites that uses parallax scrolling web design trends are of one page, which means the content on the website is going to be less and the content cannot be optimized by search engines.
  • The heavy graphics used in the development reduces the performance of the website

Therefore, Parallax Scrolling is not recommended for the business websites. Before using these web designs trend make sure to decide your needs first.

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