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In recent times, it is undeniable that there has been a huge shift in interest of webdesigners to responsive web designs.As the list of websites that want to become smart-deice friendly increase by the day. The Mobile update from Google has only served as a further motivator for the designers to create responsive designs.



Here are a few webdesigning trends

Growth of UI Designs

Among others, a notable outcome of responsive designs is the peculiar similarity between websites nowadays. However, is being similar really that bad? No, it is not. UI designs have matured in such a way that changing them without a valid reason can be highly destructive for a website, as visitors fail to browse with ease. Here are a few designs that you actively see nowadays;

  • Hamburger menu: Openly criticized, yet present everywhere. A powerful web design trend, that is for every website except e-commerce and news websites.
  • Account registration tab: Same old same old. Email registration or linkage with social media accounts option is visible almost everywhere.
  • Card type layouts:It presents information on various chunks, in order to give the most information, usingthe least possible space.

Rich animations

Animations are featured in many websites quite frequently nowadays. This is as they provide an easy illustration of concepts in a creative way that immediately grabs the visitor’s attention.
But still, designers tend to take precautions while inserting animations, because they don’t really fit everywhere:

  • Large animations usually act as an interaction tool for visitors, including effects like pop-up menus
  • Small animations act as an attention grabber, e.g. loading bars in addition to hover menus.



Micro-interactions occur all round us, from switching off the phone’s display to liking a Facebook post. Usually, all micro-interactions are performed without giving much thought.

We perform a ton of single action tasks every day, commonly without giving it much thought. Micro-interactions which are well designed are quite a defining point of any website, as regardless of their utter simplicity they are rather powerful.

As webdesigners create websites, they use micro-interactions to improve the browsing experience of visitors along with the simplify actions into short tasks.

Responsive designs
Responsive web designs can be seen on almost every 3rd website nowadays. This kind of design has become popular among many designers and employers as more and more users are now shifting to mobile and tablet devices, rather than PCs.
And it’s quite improbable that the use of responsive design decreases in anytime soon, as it is a cost effective method of making fully mobile-friendly websites.

As per the norms of society, we see trends changing very frequently. However, for now, these designs are the hottest. New techniques are coming in every day, but still these designs are here to stay- and they will stay, that is for sure. Did you get any new design idea? Send it to us and we will feature it on our next article!

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