Forecast OfWebsiteDesign Trends 2016

The trends of web designs are changing rapidly and it stays at a maximum of one year in a market now. The current website trends are completely different than the web design trends introduced a year before. If you are a web designer then you must acknowledge the recent as well as the upcoming web design trends. It will not only help you to fulfill the requirements of your client but it will also help you to lead the competition in the web designing market. You need to assure that the trend does not mean the latest.

The new trends are introduced because of the preference along with the taste of the web designer. As the designers, keep the usability of website and the users in their minds. The possible development in the web design is the development of technology.

For the better understanding of the web design and direction of the trend,let us have a look:


  • Where the website design trends were?

If you go through the website trends of 2015, you will find that the trends are the advancement of 2014. Some of the trends of 2015 include Minimal, Video sliders, Flat, Background video, long scroll, CSS animation, Hero images, Mobile first, Responsive, Frontend frameworks,Hamburger menus and Newsletter popup.

Many of the above mentioned web design trends will be replaced and other will be refined.

  • Which way the website designs are leading?

If you sum up the web design trend of 2016 then you can use only two letters that is U & X. You may include one word in the addition to the two letters that is mobile. The web design tends practices are best for UX and smart devices. Since UX and the smart devices, are in the consideration for the last five years and they are the main- focus of all the web design trends.

In 2016, we have seen and we will see the refinement of current and previous trends. The concepts will move from ideal to standard. The web design trends are moving from current to the latest.

Material Design:

It is the replacement of the flat designs with the addition of graphical elements. This web design meets the requirements of the Google standard because it uses layer concept for the separation of elements, which was previously used in the software of image editing. The web design can locate and remove or replace the elements according to the requirements. Material design is loaded with the integrated animations that previously were developed manually.



Typography is improved because of responsive designs and increased resolution. That is the reason that Typography is one of the most successful web design trend ever. Typography is extremely colorful that makes it stand out than the others. Handwriting and Serifs are the two trends that are always used with typography. Both the trends have their own usage and specifications with typography.

These are the trends which shows the development and the direction of the web design trends.

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