Expected WebDesign Trends

Trends in Web design have been around for years. Just like every sector, it changes rapidly. New designs overtake old designs. Sometimes, old designs come back in vogue but as an updated design.

In this year so far, many new trends have surfaced. These are being used by lots of websites, including Google. There are some Webdesign trends, that have caught our eye this year and that we are expecting to see further. They are highlighted and further explained in the bulleted points below:


  • Scrolling: Web pages from time immemorial have always had the school option. Sometimes, we want to read an article or news but we get so tired of scrolling that we lose interest. In 2016, a new trend has emerged which is Web pages without scrolling. Some sites might still go with the scrolling option though while others design their site with as little scrolling as possible. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Going with the long scrolling option is less stressful compared to clicking which is in no scroll Web pages. However, it makes information harder to discover. Short scrolling is quite good but it causes disinterest quickly especially when you have to keep clicking to get to a particular page for information.
  • Animations: Flat designs are being used more and more by designers. It is a trend, that has taken over logos and words and now, it is taking over animations. An expected Webdesign is that animations are now becoming flat, rich and artful. You barely see some designs on some sites until you focus well on it. It is quite cute, really.
  • Full Screen: A type of design used by many designers is the responsive design. This is also reflecting lately in forms and inputs. Many forms on Web pages, when opened, come out as full screen. This is contrary to the miniature forms that were employed in the past. This trend has so many advantages. It stops other pages from loading which means no ads can pop up when you are on it. It also allows users with touch screen laptops enjoy their laptops to the fullest. They can use their fingers easily scroll to where they need. It further prevents complaints by form fillers that they did not see a particular question because the page refused to loaf well.


  • Flat Designs: Responsive design has become the order of the day. This means this trend of flat design will be used more by designers. Based on reviews, flattening designs, logos and words help it to load faster. This is particularly good for people who use their mobile forms more than their laptops. Flat designs also makes for easy reading. To understand completely, what flat design is, look at Google’s design? Remember what ‘Google’ looked like before? Now, look at what it is now. That is a flat design!

Web designs are here to stay. It is better to be updated, and have your web page look modern, stylish and slick. There are more designs. These are just a few of them. Follow the trend. Do not be stuck in the past!

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