Definitive Guide AboutWeb Design Trends

A web design is a collation of disciplines and skills for the development, maintenance and layout of a website. The trends of Web designs are changing every year with lot of advancements in it. Every year dozens of new features are added to the previous trends, the reason is to make the designs more users friendly. Since every business not only needs to have an online identity but an attractive appearance as well. In short you need to follow the latest trends of the web designs because you need to be ahead of the time else you will stay far behind from the online business race.

Here is the best Web Design trends guide that will help you to understand the latest trends of web designs.


  • Micro-interactions:

Micro-interactions are crucial in the case of mobile apps web designs because these are the small interactions inside the bigger interactions. Sometimes these interactions are that much small that the users connect them without acknowledgment. For example:

  • Turning of the alarm through a tap
  • A change in the color of the button to indicate that the button is tapped
  • “Ding” sound that indicates that your picture or video has a fresh comment

If you total all the micro-interactions, you will find it as the addition and fulfillment of user experience.

Benefits of Micro-interactions:

  • It teaches the methods to the users of interacting with a website.
  • It draws the attention of the users to certain vicinity like changes and communication status.
  • Provide feedbacks over the completed events
  • Brings clarity in the brand identity
  • Meeting the expectations of the users
  • Cards:

Like the use of cards that we play or like visiting cards, the cards trend in web design also plays the same idea. It organizes the relevant information about a certain topic in single container. Initially, the idea was used in social networking websites like twitter, Facebook and Pinterest but today the idea of cards has influenced all the web design industries.

Benefits of Cards:

  • It does not need any explanation and it is easily understandable.
  • Digest a big content in a small container.
  • Cards can be shared easily over the social networking websites
  • In case of responsive websites designs it is a perfect ingredient and fits itself automatically


  • Minimalist Design:

The visual layout of any website determines the quality and the content. Since the content is the main ingredient of any website as it communicates the information to the users, so minimalist designs measures the visual layout of content.

Benefits of Minimalist Design:

  • It determines the location, content and UI functions of an element.
  • It highlights the content, mainly the visual content
  • It reduces the loading time of the website
  • It increases the legibility.
  • Sophisticated environment

Above is the latest guide about the trends of web designs in 2016 that creates a wonderful layout of the web designs which are user friendly.

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