Actual 2016 Web Design trends

Every year with the advancement in the smart device technology new trends introduction is a necessary task. The users want to save their time by acknowledging the high amount of data easily along with the single tap.

Here are the latest five real trends of 2016 that are introduced in the first half-year:


  • Non scrollable Full Screen:

This web design trend is being used more now, as this is the most users’ friendly web design trend of 2016. Users want to view maximum information quickly on a single page. Websites with one page, non-scrollable full screen and with an anchor header at top is a standard way for creating home pages. It is the best practice where you only need to click for navigation. Scrolling seems to be nice to some instinct but mostly people prefers non-scrollable full screen websites. The key factor behind the designing of non-scrollable full screen trend is to limit the screen and to make use of keyboard navigation commonly.

  • Sticky side headline:

The wise decision to judge or to know about the recent trends, one needs to go through agency websites or design studios. One of the recent introduced web design trend is sticky side headline and is used in most of the agency and design studios websites. The main function of this trend is the scrolling of headline on the side of the content text. The trend is only applicable on the desktop version and is not for the smart devices.

  • Logo of the website as a loader:

This is the biggest web design trend of the year 2016 and it is used by almost each single agency website. The reason behind the extreme usage of this web design trend is that it emphasis the visitors that the brand and website is one part. This trend is the one of the cleverest trends that draws the attention of the visitors.


  • Disrupted | background images:

A background image that covers the whole screen of Pc, laptop or a smart device is not a new trend and this trend was introduced in 2013. However, today this trend has taken over the completely new level by the introduction of Disrupted background image trend. All you need is the addition of mouse hovering effects on the background image and here you go.

  • Animation | Over the Top:

Animations are the most attracted trend in the website and addition of animations over the top makes the website outstanding. Before, this trend was next to impossible but the developers made this trend and brought the revolution in the web design trends. If this trend is implicated correctly then this brings the website to the most visually entertaining and pleasing experience.

Above are the latest trends of 2016 and I am sure you are not going to find it over the web.

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